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      Books from the past, are Books for today,         are Books for tomorrow.
Books which are born from God's Word, are born in truth, and truth ages not.
   To the best of our knowledge all the books and papers contained within these pages are no longer in print. Some, like Dr. Marvin Lewis', we have permission to have online, others are long past any copyright laws, and fearing their message will be lost forever, they are online for your edification and enjoyment.
    All material is free and meant only for an Online use. does not participate in online commerce in any form. The books are divided into short segments so you can send portions in a devotional form to your Christian friends if you find something that you believe may touch their hearts.
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Inspiration and Information
LORDTwenty five sermon themes able to pierce your very spirit and soul, sprinkled with tenderness and humor, salted with truth, and most lovingly presented by a humble, yet holy man.
Scripture Bible by Dr. Marvin Lewis

Are you a Christian ?
LORDSixteen thought-provoking questions, encouraging the reader to a self examination as to their relationship with God. A book written in 1837, but more than relevant for today and forever.
Scripture Bible by Rev. Hubbard Winslow

LORDA short, rich, full paper first published in 1662. Explaining the real need for holiness, it's necessity not only for happiness, but also its necessity for eternal life.
Scripture Bible by Thomas Brooks

Not This, But That
LORDTwenty five contrasts from the Holy Scriptures focusing around the word BUT, each and every one aimed directly at your heart. Published in the early 1940's.
Scripture Bible by Dr. Marvin Lewis

Original Poems and Spiritual Thoughts
LORDA wonderful collection of twenty-two original sacred poems, laced with a variety of warm, insightful, spiritual thoughts. Published in the late 1930's.
Scripture Bible by Dr. Marvin Lewis